“Dr. Mercedes is a captivating public speaker! His words of wisdom and passion for motivating others to set goals and succeed is outstanding. Throughout his motivational speech, he openly shared his experiences and background and he did a fantastic job at tailoring his presentation to meet the needs of our youths.”

Sasha Jimenez, MSEd

College and Career Specialist


I’m a dynamic speaker and story teller with one goal: bring people to a platform for positive change! I speak on how self-awareness and emotional intelligence are essential to succeed in our personal well-being, develop and maintain healthy relationships, and excel in our careers! I open my mind and heart to share personal and professional insights about living a fulfilled life.

I present on areas of:                                                                                                    

  • overcoming the imposter syndrome
  • relationship based leadership
  • improving relationships
  • mindfulness as a core competency in life
  • self-awareness
  • emotional intelligence
  • life balance
  • discovering purpose
  • embracing change
  • managing conflict
  • overcoming personal barriers
  • redefining ourselves (empowerment)

And I tailor my presentation to meet your specific needs! Lets work together!