Counseling Services

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  • Individual sessions
  • Couples sessions                                                                   
  • Teenagers/Adolescents tailored services

Though I currently do not take insurance, my services are often partly covered under out-of-network benefits and I will be happy to assist you with this process. 

I invite you to reach out to me and receive a FREE 15 minute phone consultation. 

ONLINE SESSIONS AVAILABLE! Please contact me for more information.


We seek to have a good quality of life which includes a positive self-esteem, healthy relationships, and a gratifying sense of purpose. In this path, we may encounter roadblocks that impact our ability to fulfill these goals and may have us feeling stuck. These roadblocks may come in the shape of anxiety, anger, fears, sadness, relationship conflicts, work related issues, traumas, and others closely related. When, despite our best effort, we are unable to overcome these roadblocks, seeking professional help could make the difference in regaining a sense of control over your life.

I have over 14 years working with Adolescents/Teenagers and Adults with a wide range of mental health issues..I offer individual and couple's counseling with a practical approach which allows you to identify factors contributing to your situation to then identify the most effective solution and meet your personalize goals.

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